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Golf Betting Explained for PGA Events

Golf Betting Match Ups. Before an event, sportsbooks like bovada will normally publish a group of match ups between big name golfers. You’ll be betting on one of the players to finish higher than the other over the four days. Sportsbooks try and match up golfers who are considered a similar ability, so the odds on both will be close.

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Group Matchup Betting. Group matchup betting is nearly the same to golfer matchup betting, but rather than having a single head to head matchup, the group matchup betting option usually creates a pool consisting of three or more golfers competing against each other. Example: Justin Rose +100, Phil Mickelson +120, Tiger Woods +170. Future Bet

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Group matchup bets offer a higher payout than standard golfer matchup bets because the golfer you select must finish higher than all other golfers in the pool. Example: Tiger Woods +100 Phil Mickelson +150 Jim Furyk +170. In the above example there are 3 golfers listed in the group matchup betting pool.

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Group betting The winner will be the player achieving the highest placing at the end of the tournament. Any player missing the cut will be considered a loser.

Most Popular Golf Betting Games and Side Bets

Aces and Deuces, sometimes called Acey Ducey, is a betting game best for groups of four golfers. On each hole, the low score (the "ace") wins an agreed upon amount from the other three players, and the high score (the "deuce") loses an agreed upon amount to the other three players.

A Beginner's Guide On Betting On Golf

10 – Following Golf Betting Tips. If you’re looking for golf betting tips, then be sure to check our Golf Betting Tips page particularly in the lead up to each of the Majors. There are some great betting minds in the bettingexpert community, posting profitable tips for a broad range of sports and leagues, including golf throughout the year.

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PGA Matchups Betting. PGA matchups betting allows for sports bettors to bet on who will win an individual matchup between two different golfers.

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It’s a simple question, but let’s answer it anyway. A FRL bet is a wager placed on a golfer to be in first place after Round 1 of a given golf tournament. Why do FRLs offer consistent betting value?