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Soccer Field Dimensions And Markings Explained

Soccer Field Dimensions Length (touch line) Minimum: 100 yards (90 meters) Maximum: 130 yards (120 meters) Width (goal line) Minimum: 50 yards (45 meters) Maximum: 100 yards (90 meters)

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The lines will extend into the field of play for a distance fo 18 yards (16.46m) and joined by line parallel with the goal line. At each end of the field, a two-foot (60.96cm) line or a nine-inch (22.86cm) spot will be placed at a point 12 yards (10.97m) from the midpoint of, and parallel to, to the goal line.

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1. Spectator buffer line (shown at the top of FIGURE 1) is to be a minimum of 1 yard from the touch line and should have three ~1 yard marks (two equal with the top of the penalty area and one at the center of the field) to separate the spectators from each team. Clubs are encouraged to increase the distance of the spectator buffer line from the touchline up to 3 yards if their field(s) sideline allows. 2.

Soccer Field Dimensions (Official Sizes for Youth and Adult)

Soccer Field Dimensions (Adult) Soccer pitches are rectangular in size and the surface is made out of grass or artificial astroturf. FIFA states that the two touchlines forming the length of the pitch must be between 90 and 120 metres in length (100 - 130 yards). The two goal lines (where the goals are placed) form the width of the pitch and should be between 45 and 90 metres in length (50 - 100 yards).

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The penalty box, a large rectangle, lies in front of each goal. Its forward edge is 18 yards away from the goal line. Within each penalty box is a smaller rectangular box that extends 6 yards out from the goal line. This is the goal area, and a goalkeeper must place the ball somewhere within it to perform a goal kick.

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A six-yard box in soccer is an area in front of each goal on the soccer field, defined by two lines that start on the goal line six yards from the goalposts and extend six yards into the field of play from the goal line. This means that the six-yard box is a rectangle whose one side is six yards, while the longer side that is parallel to the goal line is 20 yards.

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Soccer Field. 80x50 yards. Seale Park. A Spring coach suggested to move the Seale field as far as possible from the baseball diamond. Keep the irrigation control boxes out of the field: have the touch line on the Louis side at about 6'8" from the path, and on the Stockton side about 4'6" from the path.

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A soccer field is larger than a football field because a football field is limited to 53 1/3 ...