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What tips do you have for being goalie for indoor soccer, or ...

I don't have any saving tips, but you have the best spot to see how the game progresses and you need to be in contact with your teammates all the time. Don't be afraid to yell, tell them to cover better, call out a run being made or a threat, pull them back if they overextend or yell for the ball to be passed back to you if your teammate is ...

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Both of these are good tips. A wall can be your best friend. Also, if you have cones (or anything for that matter, pair of shoes, 2 shirts, or even rocks) put that down side by side and make a gate. Try playing it off of the wall and taking your first touch to the side of one of the cones and playing it back to the wall.

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As the game of soccer is becoming popular day by day, manufacturers have been making constant changes in their products. Good quality soccer...

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r/SoccerBetting Rules. 1. All games and selections are posted in the Daily Picks Thread. 2. Feel free to create threads for days that don't exist. 3. DO NOT create posts for bet slips/opinions on bets, they will be removed. 4. Any picks must include teams, prediction and odds.

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I play indoor soccer (regular artificial turf, not carpet turf), maybe 3-4 games a week. I spend a lot of time on the ground and have always torn up my gloves. But for the last 4 years (3 playing years) I've been using this glove from Cutters:

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As for indoor soccer, make sure you hang out after your games if you can. A lot of times you can get picked up for another team as a temporary sub and that can turn into being a permanent member of an organized team, and new drinking buds.

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Inspired by suggestions from parents in the Mexican community, indoor soccer launched shortly after the Sept. 16, 2019, disappearance of 5-year-old Dulce Maria Alavez. The case of the missing Mexican American girl from Bridgeton remains unsolved and continues to haunt the city, where the Latino community has grown dramatically in recent years ...

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Here’s a quick run down of the keys to playing good defense in soccer: 1. Stand the player up and don’t dive in. 2. See the player and the ball at all times. Focus on the ball when defending one versus one. 3. Keep the player in front of you. 4.