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Real Tennis was and still is played on hard surfaces, wood or stone, and it was not until the late 18th century that “Field Tennis” or “Long Tennis” began to evolve on grass courts. It wasn’t until the Victorian era that the game of Lawn Tennis as we know it today became popular. Major Walter Clopton Wingfield patented his version of the game in 1873.

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Analysis Of The 4 Different Tennis Surfaces

You need to learn the differences each surface will make on the rebound heights, the trajectories, the spins, and the overall game plan. Grass is the historically prominent surface. That’s where tennis was born and initially played. This surface favors offensive players with big serves and a strong net game.

History Of Tennis Courts: Clay Courts | by Jay Bradt | Medium

Overall clay tennis courts are just one of the many types of surfaces that I will be discussing throughout the course of this blog and we will examine the history behind these amazing creations.

History of Tennis Courts: Carpet Courts | by Jay Bradt | Medium

On this weeks final installment of History of Tennis Courts, I will be discussing the final type of tennis court surface, which are carpet tennis courts. Tennis is one of those sports that can be ...

What Are Tennis Courts Made Of? (The 11 Surfaces) – My Tennis HQ

The 11 types of tennis court surfaces are acrylic, asphalt, concrete (called hard courts), ...

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After grass, the end of the 19 th century saw the introduction of clay, then hardwood flooring and, much later, the “hard” courts with concrete or acrylic surfaces. Women’s participation in competition tennis also came quickly: they were already competing at Wimbledon in 1884.

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The US Open is the only major to have been played on three surfaces; it was played on grass from its inception until 1974, clay from 1975 until 1977 and hard courts since it moved from the West Side Tennis Club to the National Tennis Center in 1978.

History of Tennis - Who Invented the Game of Tennis?

As the tennis became more and more popular and when newly discovered lawnmowers (patented in 1830) enabled tennis courts to move to open grass fields, professional clubs and large courts appeared across Europe and the rest of the world.