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20 Basketball Shooting Drills for Lights-Out Shooting

How the Drill Works: Place 23 cones at the baseline of one end of the floor and split the players up into two teams at the other end of the floor. Players shoot and are ‘rewarded’ by being allowed to go to the other end of the court and have a chance at collecting a cone if they make another shot.

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Basketball Shooting Drills. No matter how great your defense is, or how hard your kids play, if you can’t put the ball in the hole, you’ll have a tough time winning any games! Below are a selection of my favorite basketball shooting drills, including drills for perimeter players, drills for post players, and basic fundamentals for kids. Enjoy!

22 Basketball Shooting Drills for Coaches & Players

4 Types of Recommended Shooting Drills. We recommend you use a mix of block, interleaving, random, and game-based shooting drills in your basketball practices. Here’s an explanation of each type and why you should mix them... Type 1 - With block shooting drills, you practice the same skill over and over. Block drills are excellent for developing shooting technique, developing rhythm, and building confidence.

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When performing basketball drills to improve shooting, it is important to do the same thing on every shot. You are essentially conditioning your body to repeat the motion so you don’t have to ...

Best Basketball Shooting Drills on The Gun | Shootaway

See the best basketball team shooting drills for coaches & players from the best college teams and trainers Basketball players around the world use the Gun to improve their game. The Gun 8000

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Shooting Drill 1: "12 Sets". Have players partner-up and use all of your baskets. Each player will shoot 12 sets of shots. Each set consists of a 3-pointer (yellow), a shot-fake with jump shot (green), a catch and shoot jump shot (blue), and a lay-up (pink).

19 Top Basketball Drills to Improve Shooting Form & Accuracy

Here are some top basketball drills to build confidence and help practice the techniques of good basketball shooting form. 1. Form shots. Start 3 feet away from the basket. Shoot 10 shots from the front, 10 from the right side and 10 from the left. Concentrate on the rim.